Design by Martijn Vooijs
Photography by Photograppers

MØLLUSC is a necklace designed by Martijn Vooijs, a social designer in the field of advertising. After committing a research into rape in the Netherlands, Martijn discovered that there are roughly 100.000 new cases of rape every year. 80.000 of them are committed by known offenders (boyfriends, partners or parents). The remaining 20.000 cases are committed by unknown perpetrators. Of these 20.000 individual cases, 9 out of 10 are never prosecuted because of lacking DNA material.
The powerlessness of this problem made Martijn think about the selfdefense technique of the squid. When a squid is attacked it squirts ink at it’s attacker. The necklace mimics this selfdefense technique. When you are attacked you pull the ball of the pin and break it onto your attacker. Hereby you stain the attacker and make him visible, therefore making it impossible for the attacker to blend back into society. Creating a ‘naming and shaming’ effect.